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Keane Heritage provides personalised, private Guided Tours for travellers to Ireland, as well as working with tourism operators to deliver a range of Guided Tours throughout Ireland. 

As a professional cultural heritage company, we also provide a broad range of Cultural Heritage services to the private and public sectors. 

Guided Tours

At Keane Heritagewe are passionate about what we do and part of that passion is in sharing our expert knowledge and understanding of Ireland’s rich and diverse cultural heritage with you. 

In short, we bring you to where you want to go and to do what you want to do - whether it is to the excitement and bustle of an urban landscape or away from the crowds, into the peace and quiet of the Irish countryside, to some of Ireland’s most spectacular and interesting landscapes and sites, spanning from pre-history to the 20th century, or a combination of both.

So, come with us and discover the magic ~ sit back, relax, explore, and experience the richness and diversity of Ireland’s heritage and culture in a real and authentic way! Click here to read more…….

Cultural Heritage 

As cultural heritage professionals, we also provide a broad range of specialist cultural heritage services to both the public and private sectors.